Digital Investment Bank

Benefits of digital technology in investment banking activities

Digital in investment banking

Matching via the consolidation of acquisition and disposal projects

  • Internet and web technologies evolution enable the gathering of acquisition and disposal projects published by companies, intermediation companies, and investment funds.

  • Anonymously, via the rules engine, the matching allows to match supply and demand.

  • This matching of supply and demand immediately displays identified counterparts.

Identify business acquisition or disposal targets
Artificial intelligence in investment banking

Potential opportunities generated by artificial intelligence

  • The analysis of companies’ behaviors and completed operations allows the generation of statistical models that identify the best potential counterparts for your business acquisition and disposal projects.

  • The identification of potential counterparts enables the identification of the most likely companies for an acquisition or disposal project.


Identification of new entrants in market segments

  • The analysis of content published by companies allows the identification of market segments evolution and new entrants on the perimeter of the activities of your prospects and customers, and thus feeds the strategic roadmap.
External growth
New deals origination

Managed services for your prospects and customers

  • Offer these new opportunity identification services to your prospects and customers via a personalized extranet portal, and identify new interest marks that will regularly feed your next missions.
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