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Call for proposals

4 steps to the right solution for your project

Write down your needs

Based on
the suggested structure,
write down your needs

Receive applications for innovative solutions

documented applications

Assess applications with your collaborators

Assess applications
with your collaborators

Select the best proposals that correspond to your project

Discuss and select the best proposals

Identify your partner on any type of
innovative project

whether you are looking for young disruptive technologies or mature and experienced solutions,
whether you have an identified need or are on standby, describe your project and you will receive the appropriate proposals.

List of available features

Identify new practices

A form designed to formalize issues and innovative projects allows you to specify relevant information.

Your criteria and specifications can be incorporated by inserting your questions via customization of the form.

Call for proposals Template
Connecting startups with large groups

Algorithms select
the best potential counterparts
to your innovative challenge

A proprietary methodology for high-quality connections.

Discover received applications

Applications are from countries and continents selected when the project was published.

Candidates fill out a single form and answer the questions you have inserted.

Reception of innovative applications
Platform of innovative solutions

The project manager receives a documented application

The organization’s pitchbook is automatically associated.

Answers to the questions are used to assess the relevance of the application.

A score makes it easier to select the best applicants.

Assess the best proposals of solutions to your project

A secure discussion thread with each selected applicant quickly identifies the value of each proposal.

Collaborators involved in the project have access to all applications.

Innovative proposals evaluation
Innovative ecosystems

A virtuous economic model

Our network is open and transparent: we are totally free of charge to solution providers.

Our success

Carambar and Co Logo

Strategy: Harmonization of the BI strategy

“The publication of the AO on
the platform was useful and allowed me to select providers (…) Thank you for your help and this super performing platform !”

– SAP Manager

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Supply Chain : Big Data, Human resources

“We’d like to thank you for the interviews you’ve arranged, and we’d be delighted to renew the experience.” 

– Product Owner
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