Create your own community by involving
all your stakeholders: startups, partners, collaborators,…

Value your connections

Create your own community


your community

Involve all your stakeholders in your ecosystem

Invite your members

involve your ecosystem

Create value in your community

Create value

strengthen your connections

A custom extranet

Simplified publishing rights management, centralized news.

Community Extranet
Community Extranet

Create connections within
your ecosystem

Involve your stakeholders: collaborators, partners, suppliers, customers, startups, …

Community members directory
Community Peer Discussions

Members can discuss among peers

Depending on rights granted to profiles and members.

Each theme offers a catalog of innovative startups

Your members discover new practices in their profession.

Interactive innovative startups catalog
Secure and confidential discussions

Discussions remain confidential

Discussions are confidential and secure.

The activity log allows the community to be animated automatically

A backbone to the automated animation of your community.

Activities journal that animate the community
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