Customize your potential counterparts lists

Identify in real-time the impact
of each criteria of your acquisition or disposal project on the market in order to seize the best opportunities

Ability to customize the list of potential counterparts

The “Custom list” feature allows you to customize the potential counterparts list according to several specific criteria.

My list allows you to display the saved customized list.

Display of potential counterparts

You can export your list at each step.

“Filter the list” allows you to interact on the initial list via different criteria.

Interact in real-time with the algorithm

Modify search criteria and instantly view the result.

Select the right counterpart for you

You can select/unselect and check your list of potential counterparts before saving definitively.

Save your selected list

You can view your final list of counterparts and export it in excel format.

Customize your email

Write an e-mail which will accompany your proposal to all selected counterparts, or use a standard e-mail that you have saved.

Customization and management of used standards mail

Save and manage your emails for future use.

Follow the status of each connection

You can track the email sent status for all the selected counterparts.

You can also share the list with members of your company.

Share the project follow up internally

You can select the members of your company to share the final list of counterparts with them.

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