A network of partners and advisors

Automatically broadcast your position to your own network of personal and professional contacts

List of main advantages:

Broadcast your position according to
your contact categories

A genuine contact management application, the application allows you to:

  • Create your own categories
  • Insert and update your contacts
  • Carry out your mailing

Enable the automated assignment of your contacts by sector of activity

In addition to your category organization, your network of contacts can be reorganized by sector of activity.

Leverage your leads / customers base

The application offers extended filters for the turnovers, the regions, and the  functions in your contacts directory.

Take advantage of these additional filters to publish your position to your extended leads and customers base.

Target a specific sector in your directory of leads and customers

Take advantage of the accuracy of our technology to target companies in your directory that match specific keywords.

View the results of your selection criteria and disable unwanted recipients

The steps are not mandatory. You visualize in real-time the result of your criteria.

Save your list before broadcasting

You can export / share your list at each step.

Customize your mailing for your network of leads / customers / partners

Write the email that will accompany the broadcast of your project to all the selected contacts in your network, or use a template you have saved and customize it before the broadcast of your position.

Monitor the behavior of your recipients

In real-time, you monitor the opening of the emails sent – the deliverability.

You understand the interest of your recipients in your position: opening time, response time, etc.

You identify erroneous emails and keep your contact directory up to date.


You make your network
of contacts profitable:
leads / customers / partners.

You convert leads
into customers.

You keep your contacts directory up to date

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