Benefits of the "Transactions" solution for Investment banks

A global M&A marketplace which develops and accelerates the implementation of your missions 

Mergers and Acquisitions Marketplace

Mapping of the "Transactions" solution benefits

The 8 advantages of digital investment banking

Opportunities to seize

As soon as you arrive in the marketplace, you immediately access positions published by members.

  • Presentation of available positions
    A position is a project of acquisition, disposal, investment, etc. specified by a company or intermediation professionals: lawyer, investment bank, commercial bank, private bank, etc.
  • Access to opportunities 
    As a member of the marketplace, you can view positions published by other members (companies and corporate finance professionals).
  • Discussion with the author
    You can express your interest in each position and chat directly with the position’s author.
  • Filters & Alerts
    Based on several criteria, you can combine filters to identify specific positions and trigger email alerts to receive the desired opportunities.
cquisitions and disposals opportunities
Creation of a business acquisition or disposal project

Creation of a position

Targets display for a business acquisition or disposal project

View of counterparts


Counterparts for each project

  • Creation of a position
    Once your acquisition, disposal, investment project, etc. is validated, you access the view of counterparts. Your organization’s name, your name, and first name remain anonymous.
  • Identified counterparts
    Identified counterparts are symmetric positions created by other members of the marketplace.
  • Potential counterparts
    Potential counterparts are companies that have high probability scores to implement your M&A project, thanks to our next-generation algorithm SAVM V2 (Semantical Analysis by Vector space Model).
  • Interest marks

    Interest marks are connection requests triggered by other members on the position concerned.
    Interest marks are applications to the published position. Names, first names, and organizations of these applicants are shown. As a position’s author, you remain anonymous.


Customize your potential counterparts lists

  • Access the best counterparts
    Visualize in real-time the impact of each criteria on your potential counterparts list: turnover, selected area, etc.
  • Leverage business languages
    By using our next-generation SAVM V2 « Semantical Analysis by Vector space Model » algorithms, you can visualize and assess immediately the impact of a keyword, a business language element, on your suggested potential counterparts list.
  •  Customize your communication
    Describe and value the benefits of your opportunity by customizing your email. Save your own standard mails and ensure communication that values your opportunities. 
Research and screening counterparts for a businesses acquisition or disposal project
Secure Data Room for mergers and acquisitions

Access to a secured
Data Room

  • Integrated and secured data room
    Communication with our server, located in France, and the data room’s data are encrypted.
  • Secured visualization
    You visualize documents’ views for each counterpart. You control your documents sharing with each counterpart.
  • Centralized management

    Documents management is integrated into the project. You do not waste time browsing between the project and the data room.

  • Watermark
    The watermark allows secured document management by tracing downloads and views.


Your discussions are organized
by project

  • Quick evaluations
    You chat directly with counterparts and quickly assess the level of interest marks.

  • Anonymity preserved
    You choose the time and the counterparts to whom you reveal your identity.

  • Straight to the essential
    Saving standard messages allows you to save valuable time in your interaction. 

  • Collaborative
    You select collaborators and partners with whom you want to share your project’s progress.

Collaborative management of a business acquisition or disposal project
Communicate your acquisition or disposal project to your network

Promote your project
to your network

  • Broadcast to your network Communicate created positions to your selected customers, leads, and partners network.

  • Enrich your network
    Benefits from artificial intelligence to know your network better and to access a new segmentation by activity area and keyword.

  • Customize your list
    Before broadcasting your position, you can add or remove one or more contacts.

  • Customize your message
    Describe and promote your opportunity benefits by customizing your email.


Suggest opportunities to
your leads and customers

  • Build customer loyalty
    Communicate opportunity lists with your customers –according to their criteria– and, thus, trigger new missions.

  • Convert leads
    Convert your leads into customers with disposal and acquisition opportunity lists related to their activity segments.

  •  Identify interest marks
    Identify your leads’ and customers’ consultation of suggested opportunities and process additional information requests.

  • Intervene at the right time Overview your leads’ and customers’ interest marks to accurately manage your follow up.

Identify new acquisitions or disposals opportunities
Supervise your team's activities and ongoing acquisition or disposal projects

Monitor all your projects

  • Transform your data into opportunities
    The « Transactions » solution allows you to value your leads, customers, and target data by using our next-generation artificial intelligence algorithms SAVM V2 « Semantical Analysis by Vector space Model ».

  • Monitor missions progress
    Within seconds, identify ongoing missions progress, the numbers of triggered counterparts, and discussion volume.

  • Identify the most engaged leads
    Focus your resources on the most dynamic leads within suggested opportunities and generate new mandates.

  • Enlarge your offer with « Insights » Communicate a mapping of emerging actors to your customers for each of their activity segments in order to feed their M&A roadmap.

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