3 key stages for a corporate finance project

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The steps of a business acquisition or disposal project

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A business acquisition or disposal project creation

View counterparts

Display counterparts for a business acquisition or disposal project

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Discussions with potential buyers or sellers of a company

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Each counterpart search corresponds to a “position”, which may involve acquisition, disposal, investment, or fundraising.

You create your position to indicate your search criteria.

Add as many positions as you wish to identify opportunities.
Set up the confidentiality of your search with confidence by controlling the information shared publicly.


  • Privacy Management
  • Unlimited number of positions
A business acquisition or disposal project creation

View counterparts

For each position, the platform identifies the corresponding counterparts.
Target companies include not only platform users, members of our network, but also all existing companies outside our platform. These later are identified through our proprietary Machine Learning algorithms.

Display counterparts for a business acquisition or disposal project

You quickly assess available opportunities and select the best counterparts

Interest marks

Interest marks are applications written by platform members interested in your position.
These users access the list of current positions and can set up their alert notifications.
Interest marks are not anonymous: before deciding to start a discussion, you have access to the name and first name of the applicant interested in your position.

Inserted counterparts

You can integrate your own contacts and identified targets into the platform. These counterparts are therefore not provided by the platform.
This import is useful if you identify companies through other channels and wish to benefit from the platform’s services for a unified management of your position.

Identified counterparts

Identified counterparts result from a calculation of positions, allowing us to present you with all symmetrical positions corresponding to your search. These positions come from our users: Companies and Corporate Finance professionals.

Potential counterparts

In addition to the targets acquired through platform’s users, we perform a matching calculation on all existing companies corresponding to your criteria.
These companies have not created a symmetrical position, but correspond to a probability score.

We carry out this analysis thanks to our access to several databases containing more than one million companies worldwide.
A first matching is established based on the criteria of your position both through structured data (turnover, location), and through semantic analysis (identification of activity criteria).

We then carry out a second statistical analysis to determine a probability score for each company. This score allows predicting the company’s behavior and its potential interest in the operation.

We have designed a statistical model taking into account more than 30 criteria (operations carried out in previous years by the company, shareholding, age of the executive,…).

Our algorithms attribute this probability score to each identified counterpart, and we present to you in priority the targets matching your criteria that are statistically the most probable for your transaction.


  • Complete identification of targets among all existing companies, both members and non-members of the platform
  • Immediate identification of the different types of counterparts in order to organize connection priorities
  • Predictive interest analysis using Artificial Intelligence developed for M&A operations
  • Possible integration of your own contacts

Discuss in chat room

The chat room is a secure channel, which centralizes all your exchanges with targets that interest you on a given position.

It is equipped with a next-generation Data Room, which allows you to select and share in one click the desired documents for each counterpart.

At any time you can view the documents shared with each contact. Status customization allows you to quickly monitor the steps taken.

The 3 benefits of the chat room:

  • Direct exchange with relevant targets
  • Secure and fast document sharing
  • Easy monitoring of your position’s progress
Discussions with potential buyers or sellers of a company
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