Collaboration Capital

About us

Collaboration Capital is transforming the way companies organize their internal and external growth activities, opening up a new way of supporting operational managers and executives in their modernization and acquisitions-disposals challenges.

By combining the power of machine learning and user support, Collaboration Capital platform organizes the best connections for your innovation and M&A projects.
All the while meeting the complex needs of data security and regulatory compliance. 

With a presence on all continents and in more than 35 countries, we lead projects for companies of all sizes around the world and animate the world’s largest community of experts on internal and external growth.

The business, created in 2017 and based in Paris, has grown steadily and now has more than 40 collaborators on several continents. Collaboration Capital is a family-owned company.
Our family organization is a guarantee of stability and trust, which allows us to work in the long term for the benefit of our communities of clients and partners.

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