Start-Up Relationship Manager platform

Start-Up Relationship Management

Organize collaborative project management with innovative partners

Activate your Start-Up Relationship Management system
Centralize, unify, and manage innovative partners


Share a unique directory of all your selected partners

Centralize information and follow all your
relations with suppliers, startups, schools, laboratories… 

Innovative supplier management
Customized supplier management

Customize your management criteria

Customize your partner base by creating your own statuses, tags, and follow up management.


Manage each partner's contacts

Manual or bulk addition: import one or thousands of contacts in just a few clicks.

Innovative suppliers directory
Activities management with innovative suppliers

Connect projects to your partners

Share information by inviting your staff.

Assign different rights and find in a single space all the exchanges, actions carried out, and next steps.


Centralize your collaborations through Artificial Intelligence

Using our semantic analysis algorithms, identify the desired partner by filling in any information related to his organization (project, technology, member, tag, city…).

Share information by inviting your staff. Assign different rights and monitor in a single space all exchanges, actions carried out, and next steps.

Criteria customization for innovative suppliers
Discussion with innovative suppliers

Speed up your projects through collaboration

Leverage your base and chat directly with your partners through the chat room.

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