Connect with your potential buyers!

Acquisition d'entreprise

Traditional process

Contact of potential acquirers is limited to personal networks

It is difficult to probe the market without committing yourself

The process is opaque

Group 96

Collaboration Capital

Your project benefits from the most complete sourcing of potential acquirers, worldwide.

You decide your involvement in the project, and can remain opportunistic

You access in real time all the information regarding our actions and results in full transparency

acquisition d'entreprise
Your project is shared with M&A professionals and potentially interested companies around the world
95% of target companies share with us their feedback on the operation
You have the power to chooseyour buyer


1. Validation and promotion of your project

We confirm the anonymous presentation of your company, highlighting your assets.

We confirm the anonymous presentation of your company, highlighting your key strengths.

We determine the sectors of activity of the companies potentially interested in the acquisition, as well as their size and geographic location.

All players in mergers and acquisitions have access to your research: companies, investment banks, investment funds, lawyers, accountants.

Members are notified according to their search criteria, and you receive their messages.

2. Identification and contact of identified potential buyers

Thanks to your criteria, we create the semantic cluster that corresponds to your research, and which details the entire syntactic universe used by your online targets.

We thus formalize in an exhaustive manner the specificities of the activity sought, and we identify by the web all the companies adapted to the cluster thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Thus, we are not limited either by the administrative classifications of sectors of activity, which can be imprecise, or by the financial databases, which only present the companies which publish their accounts.

With your validation, we contact the managers of these companies to present your transmission project to them according to a call script confirmed together

3. Connection with the targets

You continue the exchange directly with the interested targets.

You can involve your service providers to carry out the following steps necessary for the operation, and if you wish, we put you in touch with the partners of our network adapted to your needs: legal mission, due diligence, etc.

Our mission is complete, you have all the information collected from the target companies, and have a 360° view of your market.

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