Designed for collaboration

The first CRM dedicated to
Mergers & Acquisitions

Centralize your target companies and monitor your progress

1 - Centralize all your targets

Easily import and add companies to track your relationships.

Your Pipeline includes your different sources of contacts: investment banks, consultants, partners…  all the companies you study are gathered in a single intuitive solution: spend less time sharing and updating information, and more time doing business.

2 - Access key insights

Thanks to the Business Intelligence module, enrich your data to better understand your market and the positioning of your targets.

Monitor your targets through an automated watch and your Dashboard to anticipate their evolution.


3. The solution that all your members will use

Share freely the access of your Pipeline to the contacts of your choice, by defining the rights granted. Involve your team members as well as your partners: subsidiary, shareholder, portfolio company, advisor...

4 - Never miss an opportunity

Use all the information you collect, and plan your actions to be the first on the operation.


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