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Used by more than 10.000 companies in 120 countries


We support all major credit cards and debit cards as well as SEPA transfers with a secure payment process.
We can also invoice you and receive a bank transfer.

A credit allows you to enrich the data of a company, and learn all the information about their activity, size, executive team, their phone number and email address.
For a monthly subscription, you receive new credits each month, and for a yearly subscription you receive the whole amount directly. 

Yes! Thanks to AI and semantic analysis, we identify all the companies that match your criteria, in any industry, based on their online presence.

You are no longer limited to the only companies present in the databases: AI makes it possible to find companies that don’t publish their accounts, and are poorly referenced in industry classifications.

Simply describe your search, and access the full list of relevant targets.

Yes, since the identification of targets is based on language, you only need to translate the search into the relevant languages. Our team masters the main languages spoken in the world and carries out this translation: English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic…

In addition, companies are contacted in the language of their country, which increases the results obtained on your projects.

100%. None of your data is shared with any other user of the platform

No, Collaboration Capital is not a traditional investment bank.

We offer a digital tool to help you complete your deal, and we focus on identifying target companies, enriching data and making connections.

Once we have established contact with the company you are interested in, we can put you in touch with one of our partners if you want full support.

Not only does the platform offer the ability to identify new target companies, it also provides a suite of applications specifically designed to make your M&A transactions a success.

You can import your targets to take advantage of the features available.

Yes, in particular to investment funds, investment banks, lawyers, accountants and individual buyers. This list is not exhaustive: if you or your clients are involved in M&A transactions, contact us to discuss!

In addition to the sourcing carried out by the AI, you benefit from the support of your dedicated project manager. He or she will take your criteria, and analyze the results automatically identified to provide you with our recommendations.

This saves you time, and if you wish, you can also access the raw list of results.

Excel is an efficient tool to track your targets, especially if you work alone and study a small number of target companies.

Using the Mergers & Acquisitions platform allows you to go further, starting with the free subscription: collaborative project management, data enrichment, target sourcing, referencing of investment banks… you have access to a suite of applications designed to make your operation a success.

Yes, the platform takes into account opportunistic profiles, and allows you to start building your strategy and survey the market.

Yes, we work on both acquisition and disposal projects.


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