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Group 111

1 - Join the community

The platform is open to all M&A stakeholders worldwide: companies, investment banks, investment funds, family offices, personal buyers, lawyers, accountants...

All users are automatically notified of new projects that match their criteria, and the analysis of company behavior and completed transactions generates statistical models that identify the best counterparties for your acquisition and disposal projects.

2 - The best relationships are the ones you choose

Automatically receive messages from companies interested in your project, and discuss with them to move forward on the operation.

You control the confidentiality of information, and can respond to searches by other members.

3 - Benefit from a complete solution

For all of your projects, the platform gives you access to a suite of applications allowing you to optimize your time and work in collaboration with other people.

This gives you access to:

  • your secure Data-room to share documents
  • the discussion space with the targets
  • your pipeline, to follow your progress, plan next steps, and involve other collaborators and partners
  • your Dashboard, which presents at a glance the key information for a successful operation.

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