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“Any organization looking for target companies should use Collaboration Capital ”

The challenge :

Lindab is a leading ventilation company, offering solutions for energy-efficient ventilation and a healthy indoor climate, with more than 4 500 employees and active in 20 countries.

The group has an ambitious external growth strategy, and was looking for an efficient provider to get connected with relevant target companies in Europe.
As there are many different languages and markets, it was hard to find a reliable way to achieve that goal.

The solution :

Thanks to the AI used by Collaboration Capital and semantic analysis algorithms, finding companies in different countries becomes easy. The research criteria is “understood” by the algorithms, and the relevant keywords are found.
The project team involved persons speaking English, French, German, Spanish, Italian etc, to translate the research for each country, and this way all relevant companies are identified.

"A very precise screening solution, very efficient, I recommend”

This approach gives the best reply ratio, as we contact the target companies in their native language. Also, having a dedicated team to support Lindab and explain the results provided was key in building a successful acquisition project. 

“very efficient, a simple process, a dedicated team with a project manager”

After each contact of a target company, our team shared with Lindab the feedback received, positive or negative, and additional information collected during the call. This saves hours of work : the sourcing, qualification, and first contact are automated. 

“A precise report, according to the level of interest of the target, that enables us to go further”

Thanks to those connections, Lindab realized the acquisition of the company Liftasud. 

“A very efficient relationship, which enabled us to quickly finalize an acquisition”


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